So You Wanna Be Famous

During the week I speak with several artist and I ask them what their goals are for their music careers, and they tell me that they hope to be #1 Recording artist someday.

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but to fill the shoes of a goal so important is you have to do the work. Nothing is overnight and everything that you are blessed with comes with the work of your hands.

Often I work with artist and they think all they have to is a few radio campaigns and they are going to be famous and truthfully it doesn’t work like that and it never has. There is a process to this let’s call it a blueprint and all you have to do is follow the blueprint.

Every now and then we hear of people in the music or another profession and you see people who been success stories from being YouTube or Twitter and discovered by a well known celebrity but that is once is a million.

You must apply yourself to enjoy the fruits out of life and be willing to take the advice at the time it is given.

The sad part about this is some of the women in the industry are willing to not take advice and go their own route without an income as an artist you can best forgot about it because you will need to invest your money regardless either that or find you an investor.

I recall having a conversation with a young lady and she told me hold on because she was putting her make up on. Honestly I thought she was an airhead. You couldn’t wait to put the makeup on?

I was giving the sista some serious advice and she kept on telling me about all the people she knew in the music business yet, apparently they didn’t have her best interest at heart or I wouldn’t be wasting my breath with this conversation.

This goes to show you that everybody is not ready for this business and oh yeah talk is cheap!


How Music Promotion Works

When artist get started doing music and when pursuing music they jump in head first; and don’t realize the dynamics behind how their music careers are suppose to work.

Most aspiring recording artist start off going to the studio and doing songs investing their music into getting their music produced & doing music video’s on You Tube & doing shows that they are not getting paid for. There is a right way to do this now let me explain:

Now if you want to learn about how to brand yourselves and want to become a household name properly than that’s what I’m here for. My information is down below!!!

Now what I’ve heard is how artist are promoting whole albums or doing 8 song EP’s instead of getting a whole album produced I encourage you to start investing in your music career into a radio campaign and have your Marketing intact.

Make sure you have your music copy written, you own the masters & if you do have samples of your music make sure you have all your music cleared and you are covered and will not get sued for Copy Right Infringement.

Now let’s talk about promoting your music on Royalty paying stations that pays royalties. This will include Internet & FM Campaigns build your spin history because major record labels execs and real music industry Producers will see you as more serious artist than the artist with just hot music. This puts you on a whole notha level in the music game..

Real radio promotion entails building your spin history, royalties, paid shows, exposure, sponsorships & being signed to a major record label & getting endorsement deals. At the end of the day the music business is all who you know so when you ready I’m here 4U!

I’m with 4UEntertainment we are Brand Marketing experts and we specialize in radio promotion.

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Business Before Pleasure

Always Put Business Before Pleasure some people have a problem separating in the long run this is can mess up your finances! Not worth it!!! Sometimes it depends so be careful with that

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For the past 5 1/2 months have been working for the company 4UEntertainment/Universal. “Everyday is a new day in today’s new music age. Now I know lots of you get at get a little excited, and whether you wanna learn the business side or become a recording artist.

You are always going to be in the studio making music, and spending the majority of that time recording songs.

Your that fresh hot talent looking to get a break, always in the public eye hoping you get your chance to show the world what your made of.

Your a struggling artist trying to make it, get a record deal and your just want the right person to discover your talent. Or your might even be attracted to the business aspect of it.

Based on my own personal experiences, the best plan of action is learn the music business from both sides…

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