Radio Airplay

Please read this artist! The more you more you grow




Here’s a question I would like to get your answer on. As an artist, why do you want to get radio airplay?

The first answer I usually hear is “to be a star” or to “blow up” but what I’ve seen is artist want to get radio airplay so they can LIE & BEG a deal from a major. The concept here is to get a major label to pay you an advance, take more of their money to market, promote and publicize you and your music and then pay you more money for royalties. HOW INSANE is that? I’m finding more and more people thinking that their song is so great if someone hears it on the radio they will get instant gratification becoming an overnight sensation. Boy what a pile of garbage that idea has become. Besides the normal thought that radio doesn’t want your song and…

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